Types of online slots

as_slots-wild-symbolsOnline slots are the most popular and most played kind of internet gambling game. Since they provide a lot of fun and are very simple for understanding and usage they are used by people from all kinds of background and social status. From the youngest legal age for gambling to the oldest senior citizens – everybody these days is playing some sort of online slots game. Majority of them are just looking for a little bit of harmless entertainment, or are looking for a way to waste some time, but there are also those who hope for a jackpot and a complete change in life.

Online pokies are games that can easily provide a large payout, if you are lucky enough of course. However, there are numbers of different types of slot games, especially online, so how to choose the best one for you and how to increase your bankroll in the best possible way?

Well, you have to decide what you want and you have to know what you like. Companies that provide software for online slots are well aware of the fact that people who play slots come in “all shapes and sizes”, .i.e. with various motives and different psychological profiles. Bearing in mind this fact and knowing how internet marketing can be intense and aggressive, people are being provided with all sorts of themes and types of slots.

Online slots can be divided into two main groups, according to the amount of money you can acquire, roughly speaking. Those two types depend on frequency rate at which slots are “giving” away the money and how much money you could actually win. This is called the variance rate, and it can be high or low. Obviously, all of this depends on the stakes that you put in, and is being regulated by a complicated software algorithm.
aztec-treasures-online-casino-slotsAnother way in which we could divide mobile pokies in two groups is the fact that slots generally come in two kinds of gaming platforms. Again, we speak of computer software, and the difference between the two is that one is FLASH powered and the other one is fully downloadable. For the first type, besides a good internet connection, you need to have a plugin that supports flash content (such as Adobe Flash Plugin) and you play in your internet browser , and for the later you just need to download and install the application of the game and start accommodating yourself with the complete interface. Instead pulling a lever you press the button, and the fun starts. Pretty simple!
And in the end, maybe the most important and easily distinguishable characteristic by which slots can be divided is – design. In this case we can not have only two groups, because slots are designed in various ways. Some of the most popular types are: three reel slots (which also sometimes called classic slots), progressive slots, video slots, five reel slots, and so on. Also slots have symbols that are designed and presented in different ways, most famous of which are fruits or playing cards. In addition, most online slots are designed with a certain thematic touch and there is lots of interesting themes created for them. Themes cover all possible range of human activities, from sports to movies, comic books or historical events or characters.

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