5 Tips About Online Poker


Playing poker online can be sometimes really frustrating. Cards are simply going against you or just isn’t your day. Here are few tips about playing poker online for real money. Simply, the point is to save yourselves from losses and maximize the gain you can get.

Tip 1:

Stall. The more you stall, your opponent is becoming furious. When you need to call a big blind , you can stop to think, while most of online players don’t have patience so they don’t like to think things through. I want to say that they will probably make a move before your move is even over. Everyone likes to play fast and win fast. Poker is about patience and someone with explosive character doesn’t have chance. The best moment to stall is when you need to pay a big blind or call for a big pot.

Tip 2:

aaaDon’t be lured with all in bets which happens every minute. When you play for fun, this will happens a lot. When the real money is in the game, someone will rarely use this tactics in order to get money. In most cases when you have a weak hand, someone will certainly follow and after that anything is possible, but you should be cautious.

Tip 3:

Theoretically, a pair of aces is the strongest hand. In practice everything depends on the flop. Cards don’t have any order at all. Same cards can appear few times in a row, which is in live poker a rare thing. You shouldn’t definitely rush into it, for example, if you have two aces or two kings, it’s wrong to put all your money in. Wait for your moment and it will come. Even if you have a pair of 5s, don’t just fold, try to wait and see what flop will show. If you always fold, you will see one five or two showing more frequently than you think.

Tip 4:

aaDon’t watch your balance. Don’t try to get back the losses with bad cards. Or better yet, don’t actually gamble. If you see that cards are just no good, simply fold. Don’t hope that turnover card will show. That happens rarely, even when you do not play for real money. Just develop your own way of style and gameplay while trying to be wise at the same time.

Tip 5:

When you get a hand that you are certain to be THE hand, raise bets slowly. Raising too high will make other players to fall back. That is something that you do not want. So try to “squeeze” as much money as you can. Of course, if you see an opportunity to bet all, you should follow the opportunity. Sometimes only high card is winning hand but you should consider all in option only in cases when you are certain. You must be extremely cautious when playing for real money because that’s really a gamble, especially if your hand is weak.

I hope that these five tips will help you in your play and bring you some money. Have fun !

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