Online Casino Games You Know And Love


Online casino more than often has a hundreds of different games played for real money to offer. It can be overwhelming, and you can lose yourself in that sea of games. Now most of those games can be classified in few classes of Online Casino Games. Here is a short discription of more known casino games that you can find on any online casino.

First we have Blackjack. It is a card game and the point is to reach 21 with your cards without going over. Ace is eleven, and other higher cards represent, respectfully, two,three and four. While house, or the deale,  has a rule that it can’t go under 16, you can always stop yourself even before that. Game starts with all players being dealt two cards each and it ends when all players, including house, feel satisfied with their hands.

AmericanRoulette  Next we have roulette, whose rules are well known to most of the Online Casino games players. From simple one number wager to complicated line bets, from color and even/odd  bets to splits and similar bets, number of strategies created and used for roulette say a lot about this popular casino game.

Next we have always popular slots. In online casinos as well as in brick and mortar casinos, slots always had an important place among other games. From simple 3 reel to more advanced 5 reel slots, they came to flip slots with more and more reels and hundreds of possible winning combinations. Online slots offer a bunch of different bonuses, including free spins and various multipliers slots never failed to give satisfaction to their players.

Next on the list of more known Online Casino Games is Online Poker. This game is played with cards and is the most basic poker game you can find. You can find variations in which you play against other players and variations where you face players and a dealer representing house (this is rare). At the beginning, players are dealt five cards. After that they can discard any number of cards they want. After that they are dealt the number of cards they discarded. That concludes that game (one game in poker is called a hand). Winner takes money that is invested, and new hand begins.PS20061126

After poker we have a well known variation of this game called Casino hold’em poker. This variation of poker is played quite differently than normal poker. Firstly, the dealer for the house is always present and you can play against house on one versus one. You can play against other players and the house. More players more bets there are and final pot is bigger.

Game starts with the dealer dealing two cards to each player and to himself. Then,  the first round of bets is placed. After that 3 cards are opened on the table, and second round of bets ensues. Then, two more cards are opened on the table where after each of them additional bets can be placed. When all betting ends, everyone opens their cards one after other, and player with the best combination wins everything.



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