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Online Casino Games You Know And Love


Online casino more than often has a hundreds of different games played for real money to offer. It can be overwhelming, and you can lose yourself in that sea of games. Now most of those games can be classified in few classes of Online Casino Games. Here is a short discription of more known casino games that you can find on any online casino.

First we have Blackjack. It is a card game and the point is to reach 21 with your cards without going over. Ace is eleven, and other higher cards represent, respectfully, two,three and four. While house, or the deale,  has a rule that it can’t go under 16, you can always stop yourself even before that. Game starts with all players being dealt two cards each and it ends when all players, including house, feel satisfied with their hands.

AmericanRoulette  Next we have roulette, whose rules are well known to most of the Online Casino games players. From simple one number wager to complicated line bets, from color and even/odd  bets to splits and similar bets, number of strategies created and used for roulette say a lot about this popular casino game.

Next we have always popular slots. In online casinos as well as in brick and mortar casinos, slots always had an important place among other games. From simple 3 reel to more advanced 5 reel slots, they came to flip slots with more and more reels and hundreds of possible winning combinations. Online slots offer a bunch of different bonuses, including free spins and various multipliers slots never failed to give satisfaction to their players.

Next on the list of more known Online Casino Games is Online Poker. This game is played with cards and is the most basic poker game you can find. You can find variations in which you play against other players and variations where you face players and a dealer representing house (this is rare). At the beginning, players are dealt five cards. After that they can discard any number of cards they want. After that they are dealt the number of cards they discarded. That concludes that game (one game in poker is called a hand). Winner takes money that is invested, and new hand begins.PS20061126

After poker we have a well known variation of this game called Casino hold’em poker. This variation of poker is played quite differently than normal poker. Firstly, the dealer for the house is always present and you can play against house on one versus one. You can play against other players and the house. More players more bets there are and final pot is bigger.

Game starts with the dealer dealing two cards to each player and to himself. Then,  the first round of bets is placed. After that 3 cards are opened on the table, and second round of bets ensues. Then, two more cards are opened on the table where after each of them additional bets can be placed. When all betting ends, everyone opens their cards one after other, and player with the best combination wins everything.



Online Casino Games You Might Have Heard About

gfs_14238_2_2Among many Online Casino Games, there are those games, like blackjack, that everyone knows about, even non players, and then there are games that few people recognize by name. These games are not unpopular but are simply less known or not known by their name as well as the first kind.
You will read here about some of those less mentioned games that you can find and enjoy in your free time on your browser in your favorite online casino.
We will start this list with a game that is loved in Japan, Pachinko. This game in its original state was not played for money, but with introduction of online gaming and betting this game transformed and became what it is today. Chances for players to win are low, because being similar to pinball, your money are the balls, and after launching them they have to land in an designated are for a win. If you win you get additional balls to play with. These balls can later be exchanged for money.
Then we have Bingo, game that does not really deserve a place here, but there are so many variations on this game it must be places somewhere. Bingo games range from 5 or 6 number win combination out of around 40 balls up to 15 numbers win combination out of 90 or 99 balls. Winning range as well as different bets that can be placed. From normal bets of numbers that will be drawn to total number of certain color balls bring drawn. The number of different bets is nearly limitless.
WheelOfCash002Then we have another dinosaur that earned its place in Online Casino Games and evolved from its simple origins to numerous combinations. Its name is Wheel of Fortune. Basic Wheel of fortune had 54 divided places on big wheel with different winnings marked. Now you can find a Wheel of Fortune as standalone game in most online casinos, it can be also found integrated in bonus levels of multiple other Online Casino Games. Rewards range from basic Wheel of Fortune rewards, up to 20 bucks, to hundreds of dollars in more advanced variations.
There are also a lot of variations of poker games found in all online casinos. We all know about basic poker and hold’em poker games in online casinos,but there are few more a bit less known but played variations of this game.
betfair-pai-gow-pokerThere is a variation of a poker named Pai Gow poker. This game is based on domino game and is played with joker as a part of the deck. Joker can be used to replace other cards. Addition of joker to the playing deck gives more winning variations, where we had a four of a kind, in this poker you can get five of a kind.
Then there is a 3 card poker. This variation can be only played versus the house (dealer). You are dealt 3 cards and you chose to play or not to play. No additional cards.
There are two more poker variations that deserve mentioning, Poker Pursuit and Tequila poker.
This list of Online Casino Games is only a tip of an iceberg of games that every online casino has. Don’t stop at these, explore and find a game that suits you.

5 Tips About Online Poker


Playing poker online can be sometimes really frustrating. Cards are simply going against you or just isn’t your day. Here are few tips about playing poker online for real money. Simply, the point is to save yourselves from losses and maximize the gain you can get.

Tip 1:

Stall. The more you stall, your opponent is becoming furious. When you need to call a big blind , you can stop to think, while most of online players don’t have patience so they don’t like to think things through. I want to say that they will probably make a move before your move is even over. Everyone likes to play fast and win fast. Poker is about patience and someone with explosive character doesn’t have chance. The best moment to stall is when you need to pay a big blind or call for a big pot.

Tip 2:

aaaDon’t be lured with all in bets which happens every minute. When you play for fun, this will happens a lot. When the real money is in the game, someone will rarely use this tactics in order to get money. In most cases when you have a weak hand, someone will certainly follow and after that anything is possible, but you should be cautious.

Tip 3:

Theoretically, a pair of aces is the strongest hand. In practice everything depends on the flop. Cards don’t have any order at all. Same cards can appear few times in a row, which is in live poker a rare thing. You shouldn’t definitely rush into it, for example, if you have two aces or two kings, it’s wrong to put all your money in. Wait for your moment and it will come. Even if you have a pair of 5s, don’t just fold, try to wait and see what flop will show. If you always fold, you will see one five or two showing more frequently than you think.

Tip 4:

aaDon’t watch your balance. Don’t try to get back the losses with bad cards. Or better yet, don’t actually gamble. If you see that cards are just no good, simply fold. Don’t hope that turnover card will show. That happens rarely, even when you do not play for real money. Just develop your own way of style and gameplay while trying to be wise at the same time.

Tip 5:

When you get a hand that you are certain to be THE hand, raise bets slowly. Raising too high will make other players to fall back. That is something that you do not want. So try to “squeeze” as much money as you can. Of course, if you see an opportunity to bet all, you should follow the opportunity. Sometimes only high card is winning hand but you should consider all in option only in cases when you are certain. You must be extremely cautious when playing for real money because that’s really a gamble, especially if your hand is weak.

I hope that these five tips will help you in your play and bring you some money. Have fun !