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Online Casino Games You Know And Love


Online casino more than often has a hundreds of different games played for real money to offer. It can be overwhelming, and you can lose yourself in that sea of games. Now most of those games can be classified in few classes of Online Casino Games. Here is a short discription of more known casino games that you can find on any online casino.

First we have Blackjack. It is a card game and the point is to reach 21 with your cards without going over. Ace is eleven, and other higher cards represent, respectfully, two,three and four. While house, or the deale,  has a rule that it can’t go under 16, you can always stop yourself even before that. Game starts with all players being dealt two cards each and it ends when all players, including house, feel satisfied with their hands.

AmericanRoulette  Next we have roulette, whose rules are well known to most of the Online Casino games players. From simple one number wager to complicated line bets, from color and even/odd  bets to splits and similar bets, number of strategies created and used for roulette say a lot about this popular casino game.

Next we have always popular slots. In online casinos as well as in brick and mortar casinos, slots always had an important place among other games. From simple 3 reel to more advanced 5 reel slots, they came to flip slots with more and more reels and hundreds of possible winning combinations. Online slots offer a bunch of different bonuses, including free spins and various multipliers slots never failed to give satisfaction to their players.

Next on the list of more known Online Casino Games is Online Poker. This game is played with cards and is the most basic poker game you can find. You can find variations in which you play against other players and variations where you face players and a dealer representing house (this is rare). At the beginning, players are dealt five cards. After that they can discard any number of cards they want. After that they are dealt the number of cards they discarded. That concludes that game (one game in poker is called a hand). Winner takes money that is invested, and new hand begins.PS20061126

After poker we have a well known variation of this game called Casino hold’em poker. This variation of poker is played quite differently than normal poker. Firstly, the dealer for the house is always present and you can play against house on one versus one. You can play against other players and the house. More players more bets there are and final pot is bigger.

Game starts with the dealer dealing two cards to each player and to himself. Then,  the first round of bets is placed. After that 3 cards are opened on the table, and second round of bets ensues. Then, two more cards are opened on the table where after each of them additional bets can be placed. When all betting ends, everyone opens their cards one after other, and player with the best combination wins everything.



Online Casino Games You Might Have Heard About

gfs_14238_2_2Among many Online Casino Games, there are those games, like blackjack, that everyone knows about, even non players, and then there are games that few people recognize by name. These games are not unpopular but are simply less known or not known by their name as well as the first kind.
You will read here about some of those less mentioned games that you can find and enjoy in your free time on your browser in your favorite online casino.
We will start this list with a game that is loved in Japan, Pachinko. This game in its original state was not played for money, but with introduction of online gaming and betting this game transformed and became what it is today. Chances for players to win are low, because being similar to pinball, your money are the balls, and after launching them they have to land in an designated are for a win. If you win you get additional balls to play with. These balls can later be exchanged for money.
Then we have Bingo, game that does not really deserve a place here, but there are so many variations on this game it must be places somewhere. Bingo games range from 5 or 6 number win combination out of around 40 balls up to 15 numbers win combination out of 90 or 99 balls. Winning range as well as different bets that can be placed. From normal bets of numbers that will be drawn to total number of certain color balls bring drawn. The number of different bets is nearly limitless.
WheelOfCash002Then we have another dinosaur that earned its place in Online Casino Games and evolved from its simple origins to numerous combinations. Its name is Wheel of Fortune. Basic Wheel of fortune had 54 divided places on big wheel with different winnings marked. Now you can find a Wheel of Fortune as standalone game in most online casinos, it can be also found integrated in bonus levels of multiple other Online Casino Games. Rewards range from basic Wheel of Fortune rewards, up to 20 bucks, to hundreds of dollars in more advanced variations.
There are also a lot of variations of poker games found in all online casinos. We all know about basic poker and hold’em poker games in online casinos,but there are few more a bit less known but played variations of this game.
betfair-pai-gow-pokerThere is a variation of a poker named Pai Gow poker. This game is based on domino game and is played with joker as a part of the deck. Joker can be used to replace other cards. Addition of joker to the playing deck gives more winning variations, where we had a four of a kind, in this poker you can get five of a kind.
Then there is a 3 card poker. This variation can be only played versus the house (dealer). You are dealt 3 cards and you chose to play or not to play. No additional cards.
There are two more poker variations that deserve mentioning, Poker Pursuit and Tequila poker.
This list of Online Casino Games is only a tip of an iceberg of games that every online casino has. Don’t stop at these, explore and find a game that suits you.

Types of online slots

as_slots-wild-symbolsOnline slots are the most popular and most played kind of internet gambling game. Since they provide a lot of fun and are very simple for understanding and usage they are used by people from all kinds of background and social status. From the youngest legal age for gambling to the oldest senior citizens – everybody these days is playing some sort of online slots game. Majority of them are just looking for a little bit of harmless entertainment, or are looking for a way to waste some time, but there are also those who hope for a jackpot and a complete change in life.

Online pokies are games that can easily provide a large payout, if you are lucky enough of course. However, there are numbers of different types of slot games, especially online, so how to choose the best one for you and how to increase your bankroll in the best possible way?

Well, you have to decide what you want and you have to know what you like. Companies that provide software for online slots are well aware of the fact that people who play slots come in “all shapes and sizes”, .i.e. with various motives and different psychological profiles. Bearing in mind this fact and knowing how internet marketing can be intense and aggressive, people are being provided with all sorts of themes and types of slots.

Online slots can be divided into two main groups, according to the amount of money you can acquire, roughly speaking. Those two types depend on frequency rate at which slots are “giving” away the money and how much money you could actually win. This is called the variance rate, and it can be high or low. Obviously, all of this depends on the stakes that you put in, and is being regulated by a complicated software algorithm.
aztec-treasures-online-casino-slotsAnother way in which we could divide mobile pokies in two groups is the fact that slots generally come in two kinds of gaming platforms. Again, we speak of computer software, and the difference between the two is that one is FLASH powered and the other one is fully downloadable. For the first type, besides a good internet connection, you need to have a plugin that supports flash content (such as Adobe Flash Plugin) and you play in your internet browser , and for the later you just need to download and install the application of the game and start accommodating yourself with the complete interface. Instead pulling a lever you press the button, and the fun starts. Pretty simple!
And in the end, maybe the most important and easily distinguishable characteristic by which slots can be divided is – design. In this case we can not have only two groups, because slots are designed in various ways. Some of the most popular types are: three reel slots (which also sometimes called classic slots), progressive slots, video slots, five reel slots, and so on. Also slots have symbols that are designed and presented in different ways, most famous of which are fruits or playing cards. In addition, most online slots are designed with a certain thematic touch and there is lots of interesting themes created for them. Themes cover all possible range of human activities, from sports to movies, comic books or historical events or characters.

A Short Guide to Online Slots


There are many people who play games of fortune – lottery, bingo, scratch-off tickets, roulette and many more. Some of them buy the ticket at the newsstand, while the others prefer going to a casino and search for their luck there. One of the games has certainly been among the most popular for the past century, and this is slots. One of the conveniences of slots is that slot machines can be found in pubs, bars, hotels as well as in the casinos, so if you do not like the atmosphere of a casino, you can always choose to play in a place you like better. With many aspects of life moving online nowadays, it has also happened with all casino games, and therefore with slots as well. So now you have even more options than ever before. Other than casinos, pubs and bars, you can now play slots from the comfort of your own home. The choice of games is huge, and modern online slots certainly look more like a video game than like a game of fortune.

online-slots-casinos-300x198You can find numerous versions of this popular game online: themed games, including movie, TV show, music and TV series themes, and many more. Also, there are simple and more complex versions of slots, the latter usually being with amazing graphics and actually resembling a video game or a movie, and the former resembling classic slot machines, those with famous fruit symbols. You can choose the number of reels to play with as well, which increases or reduces your chance of winning the jackpot, depending on the number of reels you choose.

When it comes to features, they are again numerous: bonuses that are offered may include bonus for extra spin, for more players, for various combinations of symbols etc. Online slots may and may not have progressive jack-pots, it depends on the game and the casino that offers it. You can choose to play for a penny, or you can play slots for $100 or even more for one spin. On the other hand, you can choose to play without investing any money, rather just for fun.


It is important to know that you can play these games from almost any device there is – PC, mobile phone, tablet, the choice is yours. Some casinos offer you their software to download in order to play through it, and not through a browser. It has its good sides, because the choice of games may be larger, and the games usually run faster this way. Also, you can download an app onto your smartphone and play from wherever you can connect to Wi-Fi. This is convenient for those who dislike casinos or who have no time or money to travel in order to gamble.

fruit-slots-casino-gameAnother thing to think of is placing funds. Most casinos offer you a choice of using checks or credit card in order to invest and withdraw money. Some also provide you with a choice of using third-party money services, which can be good because your privacy is more protected this way.

In summary, slot machines are a popular, convenient and fun way of trying your luck. They have been widespread for years, but they are more accessible now than ever before. So, if you want to play, today it is enough to do some typing and clicking, and that is it. Choose the casino, the game and the funds you want to place – and enjoy your game.

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Slots In Your Hands


iPhone is presumably one of the most used mobile devices in the world. Everywhere we look, anywhere we go, we can be sure that we wil come across people of all ages using an iPhone. The massive popularity of this type of mobile phone grows every day and wit every new version.

What is the secret that lies behind all of this?

mobilepokiesMilions of words have been written about the characteristics of all iPhone models. Everything what you want to know about their design, performance, software updates, etc. could be find with a several mouse clicks.But one of the greatest things is that something, that you can put it in your pocket can be so much useful and entertaining at the same time.

A large variety of different applications guarantees that you will wish that the battery lasts forever. People who like books can find and read it while they are sitting in the waiting room, having a break or whenever they like to. Those who like listening to the music while working, running, relaxing, etc. You just name it and you can be sure that you will find it. The possibilities are limitless but the steady progress of technology promises even more.

People who like slots can also enjoy in a great number of slots that are available. The only problem that they will have is to make decision which one to choose from the rich collection of android pokies. A good idea is to check the list of the most popular and best slots game. You can also check details about each one of them. The Internet is full of such lists and you don’t have to waste a lot of to find them when you can use that precious time to play them. Once you solve the problem related to the choice of the slot game, you can sit in the most comfortable chair or lie down in your favourite sofa and enjoy your game.

slot-machine-mobileYou create your own rules and your own environment.You can play it for as short or as long a time as you feel like. You can quit when you feel that you have enough and you can come back when you feel the urge to play one more game. Being a master of the game is such a great thing, isnt’ it?

One of the advantages of the iPhone slots is that they can be played anywhere, anytime since iPhones are so easy and comfortable to hold. It goes always with you, as well as your slot game. Whether you want to make time pass faster while waiting for someone or you just want to relax and get rid of the stress after a hard day’s work, you can always use your android. But be careful and use this opportunity wisely and more importantly –use it just for fun. Otherwise, you might miss the person you are waiting for or the next day at work will be even harder after a sleepless night.